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Ready to get serious about creating a mindset that can easily manifest the life you truly love?


Join 38+ Experts Who Reveal How You Can Construct A Strong Identity, Take Control Of Your Behavior, Learn To "Be It To See It" First. Then Create A Life That FITS You. A Life That You Truly Love. As A Strong, Positive, Action-Taker, With An Unstoppable Mindset That Can Achieve Anything.


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October 27th - 31st 2022


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In this 5-day summit we will show you exactly how to drop your old (cry-baby) identity, create a new identity and begin to live the life you love without the overwhelm of always trying to FIX yourself!

Here’s The Truth, Friend: You Are Not The Problem! 

How you think is the problem. Why?

Because how you think creates how you show up in the world. The only problem is... Where the heck do you start?!

😩 Doesn't it seem like there are SO MANY THINGS to consider when creating a mindset that you control? 

You can BE the master of YOUR mindset, so that your authentic self creates your True Vision, i.e. what you want, right?! πŸ€”


So, what do you want?!


​How do you let the “you” that you're becoming make “right” decisions and permanently drop the old you? πŸ₯Ί


​How do you manifest anything you want? πŸ‘€

Why does the Law of Attraction suck so much? And leave you confused,  with nothing manifested even though you're following all the rules? πŸ˜–


​How do you stop trying to FIX yourself and KNOW that you're not the problem? πŸ˜°


How do you stay in the creator process and not the problem-solving process? πŸ€”


How do you stop holding on to the past? πŸ˜•


How do you step into your superpower? πŸ€”


How do you release self-blame and self-wounding? πŸ˜£


So, Are You Finally Ready To Create A Life You Love?


Are You Finally Ready To Get Whatever You Want?


Are You Finally Ready To "Be It To See It", i.e the Person You Need To Be To Get What You Desire?

After the huge success of the first Mindset Mastery Summit in April. We are gearing up for an even BIGGER Summit in October 2022.

More experts and surprise masterclasses & interviews.


38+ Experts Reveal How You Can Construct A Strong Identity, Take Control Of Your Behavior, Learn To "Be It To See It" First. Then Create A Life That FITS You. A Life That You Love. As A Strong, Positive, Action-Taker, With An Unstoppable Mindset.

The FREE Virtual Summit Starts October 27th, 2022

You can't afford to miss this one. More Experts and Surprise Interviews!


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Our 38+ Personal Development Experts Will Teach You How To...

Change Your Mindset, Easily Create Better Relationships,
Opportunities And Income


Don't make the mistake of surrounding yourself with the wrong people that will only keep you stuck.

All The Tools You Need To Build A:

It's time to have a "Be NOW, To GET This" mindset, so you can attract bigger and better opportunities that will help you achieve your goals faster.

Release The Things And People Keeping You Small So You Can Play A Bigger Game

We should realize early on that some situations and people don't serve us on our journey towards our goals. Time to DROP them and move on toward your desired life.

Letting go doesn't make you a bad person (remember you are not the problem) because you can't create new and better things without deleting something else.

Get The Roadmap To Transform Your Life Into An Epic Journey Of Creation, Discovery, Passion & Fulfillment

It's easy to KNOW where you want to go but it's a lot harder to know HOW to get there. 

Too many gurus only pump people up and motivate them but never help them create a tangible plan to get there.

Unlock Your "Superconscious Mind" To Open Limitless Possibilities

Most people live their whole life with a mental cage around how big or bold they can think. 

By simply changing your thoughts, and taking the right actions, your brain will be flooded with a wide range of solutions to help you achieve more than you ever thought possible. 

Find Out How Big You Can Possibly Dream

Human beings often fail to understand how powerful we truly are. We were all born with unique gifts, and superpowers, we were meant to bring to the world to contribute to the world and bring about world change.

But we've forgotten how to identify it and then use it to affect millions of people.

Discover Tools Proven To Transform Your Life

Having effective tools can create much faster results. The tools are made by people who’ve achieved the success you want, have gone through similar situations and created something they wish they had that would have saved themselves years of, “I’m the problem”... things they’ve been peddling to themselves for years. But now can help you navigate it.


Meet Your Host

Michelle Margaret Marques

I’ve been growing towards leading driven humans my entire life, I recognize myself in each person yearning to overcome their struggle.

I am not a coach, coaching is just one of the tools I use. Sometimes I'm a consultant, sometimes I'm a special advisor, sometimes I'm a coach, I'm almost always a thinking partner and sometimes I'm a hybrid of all or some.

However, what I am always is a leader for powerful people, I help them remember just how bloody powerful they are and step into whom they were always meant to be.

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The Details


October 27 to 31, 2022


Start at 9 AM EST


You can join the summit sessions anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection.


You will have access to a pop-up Facebook Group where we will be celebrating your aha moments! You'll want to be there to connect with fellow attendees and some speakers!

This Summit was made possible thanks to:

What makes our SUMMIT different from the others?


Enhanced Education

Our process of creating online events and in-person are designed with the intention so that everyone has an irresistible experience, the content is set up like a college-level course by the world's leading expert speakers and hosts. We craft each summit to deliver a complete educational experience.


No Hidden Agendas

Speakers won't pitch their products, courses, or services at our summit.  That means YOU GET 100% learning experience without wading through time-consuming sales pitches. Your experience is our #1 Priority and all the speakers are committed to helping you get into action. 


It doesn't stop after the summit is over

Every sessions will give you action steps you can apply to your real life after the event bubble has bursted. We won't let you wondering HOW, speakers went full out and are giving away the tools you need to create the life you love. Plus if you upgrade to a VIP Pass you get 4 weeks of Implementation Pods and Special Bonuses from the speakers you won't find anywhere else!

Check Out The Speakers & What You'll Learn

From Our World-Class Experts And Consultants!

Naveen Jain

Have A Positive Impact That Leaves A Lasting Legacy

Brian Covey

Crush Complacency To Create Accountability For Yourself

Stephen Scoggins

Change Your Limiting Beliefs Into Superpowers

Brad Lea

Dead Balls Truths on Million Dollar Mornings And Being Real

Jason Duncan

Don't Let Your Business Ruin You

Cristy “Code Red” Nickel

It's Nobody's Job To Keep You Happy

Peter Sage

How to Say NO Without Feeling Guilty

Suzanne Evans

Be Undeniably YOU Without Alienating The Wrong People

Ray Higdon

Give Yourself Permission To Be Successful

Ziza Natur

Get Confident, Be Noticed, And Get Paid What You Deserve

Dr. Valerie Young

Conquer Your Inner Imposter and Stop Playing Small

Kevin Ellis

Bad Health And Burnout To Vitality And Longevity

Niiamah Ashong

Unleash Your Inner Courage Superpower

Omar Medrano

Why You'll Never Be Enough Or Live Up To Your Own Expectations

Judy Whalen

Nurture Your Family Life Before You Lose Them

Carmelle Riley

Energy Audit: Tapping Into Unlimited Energy On Demand

Dan Harrison

Build Authentic Relationships That Challenge You To Grow

Brie Sodano

Unlock the Path to Financial Freedom

Jana Danielson

Slowing Down Makes You More Effective At Doing What You Love

Jeff Wright

Finally Get People To Stand With You So You Don't Feel Alone

Claudia Williams

Reinventing The Culture Conversation

Cicely Simpson

Creating An Effective Business Conversation

Coach Jaqui

Mastering Your Money Mindset With Confidence

Marisa Shadrick

Stop Waiting To Find Your Purpose And Start Creating It

Hanna Chapman

Leaning Into Your Expansion

Terry Wildemann

Sharpen And Trust Your Own Intuition

Glenn Schworm

Master The Skills Required To Become An "A" Game Player

Geeta Sidhu-Robb

Smash Your Glass Ceiling and Stop Sabotaging Your Success

Dr. Margaret Paul

Break Free From Pain To Feel Centered, Peaceful and Joyful

Chris Rivera

Using Your Fear To Achieve Success

Kunal Seth

Stop Fitting In And Start Standing Out To Your People

Alison Edgar MBE

Smash It! The Art Of Getting What You Want

David Alison

Break Free From Analysis Paralysis And Finally Breakthrough

Madelin Dior

Risk Everything By Risking Nothing And Gain Everything You've Desired

Lisa Stammerjohann

Unlock Your Maximum Potential For Peak Performance

Alejandro Bratti

Magnetic Trust: Repel People And Opportunities That Don't Serve You 

Dr. Debi Silber

Learn To Live A Meaningful Life

Tiffany Toombs

Say Goodbye To Self-Sabotage And Stop Stressing Your Body

Linda McIsaac

The Secret To Finding Your Core Genius, Who Am I?

Becca Rich

Healing A Time Scarcity Mindset

You're Not Going To Want To Miss This Event And These Mindset Experts!


"I watched all of the interviews in April 2022! They were incredible, absolutely life-changing. Thank You Michelle for putting it together"

Ian Clarke

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